Yo Dude TRUST Your Trading Signals!

Hello Traders,

John Heinz“To do a common thing, uncommonly well, brings success.” – John Heinz 1876

Market is trading at settlement price at 7:12AM CST around 9283. Now market trading at the lows of session 10 minutes before open outcry current low is 9264.

Trade #1 Short at 9301 at 8:15AM CST. 1P Hit at 9276 @ 8:21AM CST. This is the only trade I should have be in today. Now since I missed the open trade I am very close to getting stopped out for the 3rd time on my trading day today. This trade went down to 2P at 9250. IT bounced off the pivot point at 9231.


Because I didn’t take my opening trading signal this morning and take what the market was willing to give I am still trading at 10:35AM CST. TRUST >>> TRUST >>> TRUST YOURSELF!!!

There were really two trades on the day … the short on the opening range crude oil trade.

The second was the ascending triangle formation which would stop any short position and warrant a long above 9272. I was lucky today … stay humble. I could of just as easily ran into my daily loss limit today as win today.

Trade #2 Long at 9272 at 10:38AM CST.

These were the two valid trading signals on the trading day. Everything else was noise! This trade went on up to 2P which was at 9323 before turning back around all the way close to yesterday’s settlement price at 9283 at 11:21AM CST.


God Bless and Good Trading,

David AKA Tiger

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