why topsteptrader makes sense

Why TopStepTrader Makes Sense – TST?

During the short video about why TopStepTrader makes sense, I outline three areas where TST excels:

  • Fixed Cost of Business
  • Multiple Trading Platforms
  • Ability to Become Funded

But, outside of these very important considerations is; perhaps, the most important consideration at TopStepTrader (TST).

This is the ability to work in a rather safe and controlled environment to develop and hone your day trading skillset.

What exactly do I mean?

TST Summary Report
TopStepTrader Summary Report

The biggest advantage of TopStepTrader is the ability to work on your own day trading strategy and continue to develop and improve upon it.

For instance; the highlighted areas above:

  • Average Win to Average Loss
  • Winning Percentage
  • Average Duration of Trade

These are all very important considerations of your day trading strategy. Perhaps, the most important is time to develop a trading strategy knowing your “money” risk in live trading conditions.

What I know about trading is this … hindsight … you are always right.

But, how will you handle yourself in a live trading environment? To yourself be true it has been said.

This is by far the greatest advantage of TopStepTrader. One of the things that got me to consider this post was reading some posts on the TopStepTrader Community Fan Page.

What made this significant was knowing the difference between trading being easy and the reality of trading not being easy. Yes, anyone can trade, but not everyone will be successful doing it.

My point to this message is this … utilize the safe environment of a fixed cost of business to develop your day trading strategy. Own your trading decisions, and work inside your day trading plan.

You and you alone hold the key to sucess as a day trader. Don’t blame others for your day trading loss … you are the captain of your own ship in day trading land.

If you have to take a break and learn something new, then take the needed break and rest, then get back to it.

Yes, you can become a funded trader at TopStepTrader. Don’t give up on your dream!

The video below was my funded trader interview back in September of 2015 with Eddie Horn and John Hoagland.

Are you ready to take that next step? Then try out TopStepTrader and pick your combine to start your day trading Journey!

Would you like to be learn the “how-to” from someone with some experience doing it? Look forward to seeing you in my course called CL Power Day Trading Strategy.

Kind Regards and Good Trading,

Dave Knight

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