Why Mitt Romney will lose the election …

Hello Traders,

Something has been on my mind over the last couple of days …

Why will Mitt Romney lose the election for President … in the end .. it will be he ISN’T where he should be!

He should not be in Florida holding a rally and stumping … he should have his hands dirty and helping the people of New Jersey and New York dig out from the after math of the Frankenstorm.

This brings back to me an image … incorrectly by the way … of Marie Antoinette and the coined phrase, “let them eat cake.”

During the French Revolution, Marie was incorrectly portrayed by this saying and soon after beheaded.

America is hurting in more ways than the Republicans can hardly understand let alone comprehend.

If today instead of seeing Romney in Florida talking, he was shown with a shovel in his hand in New York digging and helping or at least shown given out supplies at the point of “attack” instead of Ohio … then maybe … just maybe … he could have swayed the public.

Say what you will about the President, but he is exactly where he belongs and doing what he should be doing … unfortunately … this brings back memories of Bush flying over New Orleans and not doing anything until it was too late …

It is too late for Mitt Romney as well … we will have another 4 years of Obama come next week.


Good Trading and May God Continue to Bless You and Yours,

David ‘Tiger’ Knight

P.S.  My heart and prayers go out to all those that are suffering after Hurricane Sandy dubbed, “Frankenstorm”.  May the Lord watch and protect you and yours!

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