Where were you on September 11th, 2001?

Hello Traders and Friends,

Today I want to go a new direction with my blogging and posting … I want to begin with a YouTube Video that I put together … “Let Us Never Forget …”

Then take a look below the trading video for a subject that is near and dear to me … I get this question on a daily basis.

Look below for the question …


One thing about today’s trading video this week is the FOMC Statement week and Rates … so being extra cautious in your trading, in my humble opinion, is the way to work the trading opportunities in front of it … or to simply stand aside and wait for the information to come out.

Tuesday Trading Video:



How can I take the pressure off of my trading so I can make a living from it?  Answer!

RESIDUAL INCOME!  You need a source of income coming in outside of your trading business when you are starting as a trader to take the pressure off of your trading!!


You need another source of income coming in outside of your trading activity to relieve the pressure to have to MAKE MONEY as a trader!

There is no other way I know than to find another source of income to your business.  Yes, this is your business and you need to start treating it as one.

For me … residual income is Time Freedom … I do not want to be on the phone so having a hands off way to get people to see the way to this “time and financial freedom” is the key to making it work for you as well!

Your first goal is to start thinking in terms of dollars per week … what do you need to make per week to replace your current income.  Then, really come down to the bare bones minimum you need if you caught out all the things you don’t need … like the 1000 cable channel subscription … etc … etc … etc.

All of us if we apply ourselves, can save between $200 to $500 per month every month from services we don’t need … then apply this money in a different direction!

I suggest you click here and get all in!” above and take a look at what I am doing to make that “extra income” so I can remain a stay at home dad and trade the markets full-time!

Start your journey today to become a stay at home dad and full time trader!


Good Trading and God Bless and May God Keep You and Yours Safe,

David ‘Tiger’ Knight





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I am a 30 Year Futures and Commodities Trading Veteran. In addition, I enjoy games of skill and chance like: poker, craps, blackjack and roulette. During my professional career, I have developed and implemented successful trading strategies and methods; along with winning systems in games of skill and chance. Join with me on our mutual journey together.