Ziggy Man

What IS the Ziggy Man in Day Trading?

What IS the Ziggy Man in Day Trading?

Today was a very good day to be a day trader in the crude oil futures market. I was able to net out 95 ticks day trading one contract today in FTP at TopStepTrader.

Which way will the CL Crude Oil Futures go today?

The market is not going down … at this point in time and I am 4 trades in …

Winning Trade Entry: Short Entry

  • Short Entry 6243 at 10:02AM CST
  • Trade Exit 6133 at 10:54AM CST Plus 110 Ticks WIN
Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts:

Be smart enough to walk away and take the small loss in day trading today … allow the market to do its thing and be smart.

The trade at 6252 could have stayed in with a little more of a stop loss … so hard to know where to place the stop.

I have kept my losses small and would stopped myself from day trading at 4 entries today. I need to be careful on the 2nd entry.

I would wager the 2nd entry I make is a net overall loser as a trade on the CLPIT Strategy and my day trading crude oil overall.

Wyckoff is an IMPORTANT component I need to see more clearly and TRUST it when I SEE it.

Range defined on CLPIT is the 1st and 2nd bar quickly formed to be able to have a top – middle – bottom of a range.

ZIGGY MAN is my definition of the Head and Shoulders pattern on the technical trading charts.

I was short from 6243 at 10:02AM CST and my trade exit was 6133 at 10:54AM CST for a gain of 110 ticks or one thousand and ten dollars ($1010).

My sweet spot … seems to be when we are day trading in between PP and S1 on the trading charts.


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That’s about it … folks!!



Good Day Trading,

Dave Knight

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