VSA vs VPA What?

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Uncertainty And ConfusionVSA … VPA … it is the same thing … but the key to success in the markets revolves around understanding the relationship between price action and volume into the market.

Ok so the $60M question is does it work … this is exactly what I am trying to figure out. I feel like a squirrel trying to get a nut sometimes … or I am the nut … just haven’t been able to grasp it completely.

Some days it is so clear and other days I am lost in the haze of the trading day!!

VSA stands for Volume Spread Analysis … and VPA stands for Volume Price Analysis … they are the same thing. Tom Williams has been teaching this for a long time … but Anna Coulling teaches it much easier to understand the relationship.

What they all have in common is Richard Wyckoff … here resides the key to what they are trying to teach … supply vs demand. If you can understand the relationship between supply and demand combined with manipulation of the markets … then and only then will it become clearer.

Afternoon in CL bottom basing and moved up into close … now this made sense as it relates to volume and price action:


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