TST 30K Combine

TST Trading Day 3 Back to the Drawing Board

TST Trading Day 3

CLPIT Strategy to break out of my trading loss from yesterday was deployed during my trading session today. I was able to net out 42 ticks on 8 trades today.

I was trading one or two contracts trying to catch the winner. I was fortunate to be able to keep in the market today and catch it.

Now, I made up for my bonehead trading from yesterday, it is back to a more disciplined approach.

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading YouTube Summary Video:
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Trading 2 Contracts is very tough to do when you are trading in the TST 30K Combine. You will run into Max daily loss and fail the combine I believe more than you will win it. Today, I would say I was lucky to stay alive in the combine.

Let me go on record to say that the CLPIT Strategy and trading 2 contracts into the TST 30K Combine is not a good idea. I was able to trade my way out of it today, but reviewing the video I was one tick away today from the $500 mark. I didn’t know I was that close during my trading session. At the 25 minute mark, I was only down 21 ticks.

This should have warranted only one contract and getting the 3P profit target would have produced a 50 tick winning trading day net.

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts:

TST Trading Day 3

Yep, I caught what was a 3P winner down to 4382 from the short entry point of 4455. This is my normal trading exit point for this trade (CLPIT Strategy).

It was kind of a y0-yo trading day until I caught it today. This is the kind of stuff that is not for the faint of heart, or only trade one contract on this strategy when you attempt it.

So, I find myself once again above the zero line … stay tuned if I can win this TST 30K Trading Combine this time around!


Good Trading,

David M. Knight

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