Screw You Guys I'm Going Home

TST Trading Combine

Thursday: May 28th, 2015

Crude Oil Trading.

I believe I failed the $10K TST Trading Combine today. I think the Max Daily Loss was run as I look at my trading station which stands at 324.75 in the red. I fell for the old trap in trading … going after a specific dollar amount instead of just trading today.

I had a 1P on the table and I was within 6 ticks of passing the trading combine today … yes … 6 ticks was all I needed to pass it today.

I knew what I needed to make over $11K and I was gunning for that target. The market traded down to a low at time of trade to 5670 and my target was 5664 from an entry point of 5696 … 32 ticks which was 1.5P on the trading day … not too much to ask for but the market had other plans for me.

I really HATE the MAX DAILY LOSS of $300! It is WAY TOO LOW on the $10K TST Combine. This should be set at $500 Max Daily Loss and a total failure at $7,500.00 and not $9,000.00. In any case, I end up on this combine finishing UP $371.68 with an ending balance of $10,371.68 F’ing dollars.

I went to 1/2R against the Max Daily Loss, but this is not good enough against it.

Can 1/3R succeed? This is even lower than I like to have my R point at when it should be much closer to the FULL R (Risk) amount.

What I know about today is I found myself praying to God to get me 6 ticks to pass the $10K TST Trading Combine … this rarely if ever works out to my favor. Obviously, my channel to God isn’t good enough or it is disconnected because I can’t ever remember HIM answering my prayer positively when I go to my knees.

To be RIGHT and WRONG at the same time is so EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING as a trader. To know that my ROPE a DOPE Trading Method isn’t good enough against the Max Daily Loss is disappointing. When I have been successfully trading for 20 plus years of my life now. The first 5 were unsuccessful as a trader overall.

I really thought the $10K TST Trading Combine would be a breeze to pass. In fact, I had it beat with only 3 trading days in … then protection mode kicked in … instead of … maximize my profit mode … that I am normally in.

When I look over this combine I see I went over $11K in trading day 3 … and from that point I played the prevent defense against a hot offense when you know they will march the field and score to beat you.

I know what I like to do in my trading … but to be defeated at the game I love at this stage in my life is a little tough. I am not mad just disappointed that a few of my trading mistakes along the way cost me the trading combine.

It has been a learning experience … that is … learning how to not lose … instead of … learning how to manage my winners when they are on the table. If I feel like putting any trading charts up on the day I will post them later.

As Eric Cartman so eloquently says, “Screw you guys I’m going home!”


Kind Regards, Good Trading and God Bless,

David M. Knight

P.S. CLPIT Method Chart:


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