TST Trading Combine ALL IN

Monday: October 26th, 2015

Day 10 TST 50K Trading Combine: Crude Oil Trading

CLPORT Method: Trade #1-3 Short 4435 at 8:24AM CST. Stop Loss on Trade is 4449 and Ultimate Profit Target is 4P 4366. We ran 1P Profit Target 4318 on the trade so far.

Reason for TRADE … I need to get above 53,000 on my trading account … so I am looking for an ALL-IN kind of trade. I will either get my profit target at 4P or take a 1R stop loss on the trade. I have a profit of $1,100 before the day commenced. I am risking a little over 14 ticks time 3 contracts or 42 ticks vs 69 x 3 contracts or 207 ticks.

Normally, I would be at breakeven on this trade, but I am ALL-In on one trade opportunity today. I either want to win this trading combine or move back to the 30K TST Trading Combine. It is in the hands of God and the market now.

Crude Oil Futures Trading: 1P Profit Target Reached on Trade (this is a normal place for me to go to Breakeven, but I do not have the luxury of this decision on Day 10 of 10 trading days on the combine. I basically need $2K on one trade … therefore … I went with 3 contracts at looking for 68 to 69 ticks on each one – ALL-IN!

Crude Oil Futures Trading: Blowoff Volume arrives on what I call a HVS SKY RBV. What this means is … is the short more over … or have we simply arrived at the first buy stop gunning and running for today?

I have no idea … but we also ran 2P Profit Target 4401 on the trade.

Crude Oil Futures Trading Chart: Here is a good place to move the Protective Profit Stop to … a little above the swing high right there off the red arrow … but as I said I am ALL IN!

If this would be the funded account, then I would be right there on a Protective Profit Stop.

Obviously, I am wondering three things … 1 … can we get there … 2 … do we have enough energy to fall this far … and … 3 … how close will I get to the 4P Profit Target on the Trading Day today.

This is kind of reassuring with a possible FAKE OUT on the Trading Charts in Crude OIl Futures right here … will it? I have no idea.

Well, it was a valiant effort but I didn’t make it … oh I was so close to ringing the bell on the 10th trading day … ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh well … like I said … the best trading combine for me is the $30K TST Trading Combine simply trading 1 contract to start and going for the $1,500 profit target.

I will be rollovering (if this is a word) to the 30K TST Trading Combine now.

That’s all folks.


Good Trading and God Bless,

David M. Knight

P.S. Day 9 and Day 10 I was simply going for the 3K gain target. This is not normally how I trade. I was up $2K after 8 trading days in the TST Combine. I could have done better overall, specifically the very first trading day loss. With that being said, I am fine with going to ring the bell and going ALL IN on the last 2 trading days knowing it was either pass the combine or rollover to the 30K TST Trading Combine.

P.S.S. If the last two days weren’t all in kind of days … I would have finished up about 2,500 overall, but still short of the 3,000 profit target by $500 … another reason I went for it knowing my average gain is $400 overall roughly speaking … in other words … I knew I needed some help from the market to make it.

P.S.S.S. That is my dog Akira … I miss her very much … she was in my life for 17 years. ๐Ÿ™‚

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