TST Untie My Hands

TST Globex Handcuffing

TST Globex Handcuffing


Part 2: TST Globex Handcuffing


Here is what I know … I have roughly $279 left in the funded trading account and I am unwilling to trade anymore in it against the zero line.

So once again … what should have been at least a $500 winning day turns out to be my last trading day of the funded account.

The TST Funding Team is not playing a fair game. I was able to trade 14 days in the funded account overall including today. I was not ABLE to BREAK OUT profitably DUE to the MICRO management of the TopStep Trader Funding team.

That is my story and I am sticking to it! There NEEDS to be some CHANGES to benefit the traders!

What should have been a positive trading account balance of at least $4,000 is $279 due to the Micro Management of the TST Funding Team.

By this I mean they take away any opportunity to trade in a volatile market. After stopping the trading for a week during Brexit … and God only knows what else they inhibit us as traders to truly make money.

And the trading video recording today is simply one small glimpse of what it was like on the inside trading at TopStep Trader (TST).

TopStep Trader Funded Account Summary: The ZERO Line is the True Nemesis 

TopStep Trader Funded Account Summary: But the True Nemesis …

Is the funding team that stops all trading in any volatile market situations!

TopStep Trader Journal: My Conclusions after 2 Years of Trading at TST


Good Trading,

David M. Knight

P.S. I will let you know what my options happen to be now at TopStep Trader (TST) …

P.S.S. I received an email from the TopStep Trader Funding Department and I quote,

“Redevelopment is not an option at this point as you have traded beyond 10 days.”


P.S.S. In November 2016, I put this video presentation and blog post together showing what your odds of success are at TopStepTrader. Check it out: TopStepTrader Versus Casino

TopStepTrader Versus Casino




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