TST Funded Trader Day 4

Tuesday: October 6th, 2015

TST Funded Trader Day 4: Crude Oil Market Trading

Synopsis of trading day file this under STUPID TRADING … and Overtrading leads to trading losses … better patience and trading discipline would have won the day!

TRADING RULES DEFINED! <= I will update this as needed!

CLPORT Method: Trade #1 Short 4648 at 8:14AM CST Trade Exit 4662 at 8:16AM CST minus 14 ticks.

Trade #2 HVS 700 Bar Short 4680 at 8:28AM CST Trade Exit 4694 at 8:42AM CST.

Trade #3 Trend #1 Failure Short 4722 at 9:02AM CST Hit Stop at 4733. But 4735 would have me still in at 2/3rds stop. I moved my stop loss from 2/3R to 1/2R and this may have at least cost me a Breakeven Trade. As this mark was not stopped out on the swing up before the market went down to R1.

Next Trading Chart: Nobody is Perfect in Trading … I had to shut it down today in my live funded trading account at TST as I went RED on Day 4.

Which way? I shut my trading platform down “live funded” and am only looking at the SIM account now so I don’t have my last fills in the market to stop me from overtrading now.

I lost 47 ticks on 4 trades … the last trade was a hope, wish and prayer trade with a minus 8 ticks to book on it.

The woulda-shoulda-coulda trade today is a short entry that I took 1/2R stop loss instead of what I shoulda taken at 2 /3R to 1R based on Volume over 1K.

I debated about TRADE #2 as it came before 8:30AM … this is a trade I wish I didn’t take … it was too early to reenter the market so this put me behind the 8 ball on the 3rd trade and not taking the full stop loss on the trading opportunity.

So, if I would have been perfect today trading then I would only be down around 14 ticks overall as a trader on two trades. The 2nd one could have been out at breakeven or the stop could have been moved down now to accept less on the loss.

Next Trading Chart: Here is the Long Signal I saw and took on my simulated trading account today … took out 48 ticks … oh to be perfect as a trader.

I must be a more disciplined trader and allow trades that are not my Trade Setup to GO BY and then take trades that are … Trade #2 was ill advised as it was before the 8:30AM CST. I can only give myself one trade between the times of 8:05AM to 8:30AM CST.

Today was a perfect trading example of trading poorly and allowing my trading losses to accumulate more than they should have on the day.

Too many trading decisions and it made me get WAY TOO CLOSE to MDL-Max Daily Loss on my trading day.

The trading chart above I was able to quickly regain what would have been my trading losses and I should have only had 3 trades overall on the day and be positive on the trading day.

Here is the trade conclusion and trading exit on the woulda … shoulda … coulda trade LONG Trading Setup and Trade Exit.


Good Trading and God Bless,

David M. Knight

P.S. TST Funded Trading Account Summary: (later)



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