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TST Funded Trader Day 2

Friday: October 2nd, 2015

TST Funded Trader Day 2

Crude Oil Market Trading: CLPORT Method Trade today was to go short at 4456 … I experienced 2 ticks slippage on entry and was filled at 4454 at 8:18AM CST.

Trade Exit was on a retracement back to 1P after 2P was gunned and runned. Additionally, we bounced off S1 support level on the move that took me out of the trade.

Trade Exit was 4433 at 8:30AM CST.

Crude Oil Trading Charts Below:

Crude Oil Market hits 1P profit target.

Crude Oil Market continues on down to the 2P profit target level.

Crude Oil Market takes me out at 1P Protective Profit Stop on the trade.

Trading Information on a Chart Pattern: Ascending Triangle Failure (continue) SHORT … 4th time and thru!!

This pattern had me reattempt the short once again … but once again nothing of note except what I saw when I placed my entry at the 4th time thru …

I finished up the trading day up plus 23 ticks on 2 trades. My 2nd trade was a short on the trade above (chart) but the market came back up and took me out at breakeven after going through S1 Support.

Today was NO FOLLOWTHRU in the trading day!!

As Eric Cartman says … Screw You Guys …


Good Trading and God Bless,

David M. Knight

P.S. TST Funded Account Summary Day 2

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