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TST FTP Day 5 Live Crude Oil Day Trading: Battle Red

Tuesday: November 24th, 2015

Day 5 TST FTP: Crude Oil Trading Video Recap

TST FTP Trading Summary:

In summary, I had 4 trades all losses for a net loss of 47 ticks today. I traded poorly and the crude oil market humbled me today. If I would have been patient with my trading entries today; instead of, jumping in the market today would have been a winning trading day.

It is good to have these kind of trading days, because, I learn from them what not to do. It is a frustrating expererience to some degree to know what the market will do … but not to be able to capitalize on it.

The reason I cannot capitalize on it is because of max daily loss in the TST FTP. I am thankful for the max daily loss at TopStepTrader, but it is a double edged sword. With that being said, I shouldn’t have needed to get anywhere near the max daily loss, if I would have truly taken my trading signals.

There were only TWO Trading signals to take between the open and the winning trading signal at 8:49AM CST. The first one would have lost 10 to 11 ticks and the second trade as I am typing this out on the blog was worth at least a 2P gain on the trading day now. In terms of ticks, today’s 2P move was worth 42 ticks.

I was right direction, but wrong time. This is what happens when you get impatient and take a trading signal outside of your trading plan. If you would simply allow the crude oil market to setup just like setting up a pitcher for your pitch you can swing and hit the ball for at least a basehit.

What comes to mind in the game of trading is being patient with my TST FTP here at TopStepTrader. I gave the trading today away today on stupid trading decisions that placed me to far behind to have any ammo left to take a shot when the trading opportuinity came. This is totally my fault for my poor trading decisions based on what I believed was true.

Yes, what I thought is true, but my timing and impatience to jump the crude oil market caused me to experience very close to max daily loss in my trading today.

But, I can’t get down on myself too bad. Over the last 15 trading days, I went 13 and 2. I know a lot of traders would kill for that kind of performance.

If I look at the Combine with the FTP right now as combined together, then I am still up well over $1K in profits during this time period. So remember the bigger picture as a trader here with the TST FTP.

I have 5 trading days left to be above $500 in wins. This is extremely doable trading goal and one will within my reach … if … I will remain patient and wait for the right pitch before swinging. If I allow the market to dictate the terms to me, then this is the same as swinging at a pitch in the dirt or above your head … just plain dumb!

Ok … enough said … and enough beating up on myself on today’s trading day with TopStepTrader and the Funded Trader Preparation. I know if I remain disciplined, patient, and under self-control … I will be just fine.


Crude Oil Futures Market Trading Charts:

Crude Oil Futures Market Trading Charts:

Crude Oil Futures Market Trading Charts:

Crude Oil Futures Market Trading Charts:

Crude Oil Futures Market Trading Charts:

TST FTP Day 5 Trading Summary woulda/shoula/coulda vs actual …

Today I lost 47 ticks on 4 trades. It should have been 2 trades with minus 11 ticks and plus 62 ticks for a net of  51 ticks.

I gave today to someone else … this should have been the trading day I would have been above the FTP goal of $500 and I could have cruised into the finish line. Now, I am going to have to do it the hard way.

Patience! Perseverence! and Trading Discipline! WILL WIN THE TRADING DAY! And the FTP with TST. The blame for today’s dismal trading performance is squarely on my shoulders. I traded impatiently today and the market humbled my trading ass.


Good Trading,

David M. Knight

P.S. My TST FTP Day 5 Trading Summary:

P.S.S. The Day Trading Strategy Really Works … Patience Required Here! Don’t forget over the last 15 trading days I have been 13 and 2! Not too shabby!



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