TST FTP Day 10 Live Crude Oil Day Trading

Friday: December 4th, 2015

Day 10 TST FTP: Crude Oil Trading

Today, I FINISHED my FTP with TST and Passed it to return back to the ranks of the Funded Trader.

What have I learned over the last 20 trading days? Watch the TST FTP Day 10 Video Recap:


So if you have watched the video, then you know what to do:

Option #1: Get the CLPIT and $7 CLPORT Strategy Here: https://123daytrade.com/day-trading-strategy-thank-you/

Option #2: One on One Coaching Program: https://123daytrade.com/tradecraze-inner-circle-black-friday-special-offer-2015/ (details to the coaching program will open up after 2 minutes of me talking … so if you don’t want to hear me talk … pause the video and wait for 2 minutes and the information will come on the page)


Good Trading,

David M. Knight

P.S. Day 10 TST FTP Trading Summary:

Passed FTP going back to Funded Trader Status in January 2016!!




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