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TST FTP Day 1 Live Crude Oil Day Trading

TST FTP Day 1 Live Crude Oil Day Trading: Today marks my 2nd time back to FTP. Here was my live day trading on the day. I took on the CLPIT Strategy today for my trading opportunity.



On the trading day, my first day back to FTP (Funded Trader Preparation at TopStepTrader). I made 2 ticks on my entry today. I did not want to allow a winning trade turn into a losing trade. It went down 1P on the move (look at the 10 Minute mark on the video) to see it.

Futures Day Trading Crude Oil Chart:

TST FTP Futures Day Trading Crude Oil

I allowed the market to try to trend lower on the trading session, but it was indecisive and too close to the Pivot Point for me to feel comfortable about the trading opportunity. I decided to take my money and run to another trading day.

For my FTP, I need to be ahead by $500 before losing the $1,500. I have 9 more trading days to finish up before I am eligible to return back to Funded Trader Status. So I will be trading a little more conservatively overall with such a low target, but I am looking to bust it out of the park on a nice trend move when available to hitch the profitable ride.

If you watch the trading video, then you can see I set up originally for a 6P move in the markets today, although I was willing to take 3P out of the trade for my first day in FTP with TST.

TST FTP: TopStepTrader Funded Trader Preparation

Once again, I had one trading opportunity today. I went short 4202 at 9:36AM CST, and my trade exit was 4200 at 9:43AM CST.

It was a nice way to ease into trading the Futures Crude Oil Market today. I was able to go positive on my trading day. I will look for another opportunity tomorrow and Friday. But, with this being said … it is also futures and option expiration week.

So I will let VOLUME lead the way for any trading decisions over the next two trading days in the Crude Oil Futures Market.


Good Trading,

David M. Knight


TSP FTP Day 1 Summary:





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