TST Energy Room Conversation

TST Energy Room Conversation

TST Energy Room Conversation

I thought I would do something a little different today. I went into the energy room at TopStep Trader to vent my frustration today.

What follows is my conversation as recorded in the chat room:

Now, let me go on record as saying this …

I want to be an ambassador of hope here at TopStep Trader (TST). I want to be a success story. To answer the obvious question, if I had an extra $5,000 would I open up a futures account?

If you do a search here on my blog for “Is it always Dark before the Dawn?” and “The Blame Game“, then this would tell you more about me and my story.

I am not a wealthy man, if I was do you think I would share information about trading? I have been through a lot in my 30 years of my trading career.

I have traded billions, to millions to now just scraping by due to a nervous breakdown at the age of 44 (or about 5 years ago).

I came to TST full time 2 years ago.

YouTube Video Conversation: My CLPIT Strategy Plus Being A Funded Trader at TST

Facts in the Trading Year July 2015 to July 2016:

  • I have passed many combines.
  • I have passed three FTPs
  • and I have been funded 3 separate times
  • each time I learn another lesson …

My last funded account I will be receiving a check from TopStep Trader in the amount of $279 and change. When I receive it I will make a copy of it and post it here to this blog post.

I want to make it here … I like the idea of trading other people’s money. I know that there is a lot of good here at TopStep Trader, but there is definitely room for improvement.

The question I want to ask you is this:

If you had just passed into funded status 3 times in a year, and learned something valuable along the way … do you think this may be valuable to others?

Obviously, there is a lot I could share with you (the prospective trader) looking at TST as the answer. Do you have 2 years to listen and learn?

When I first started here it was from a challenge from a good trading friend of mine to prove once and for all if TST is a valid opportunity.

The long and short of this answer is Yes and No. On one hand, people that come into trading expecting to make it have to check themselves at the door. You cannot look at TST for hand holding you will be bringing your trading ideas to this environment to test it.

You will have to prove to yourself that you can pass:

  • The Combine
  • FTP: Funded Trader Preparation
  • Funded Status

Over the last 2 years of this blog, I have documented my ups and downs of trading here at TST. What I know after this time period is I have spent more than I received here, but would I have lost more money opening a futures account?

The answer to that question is yes. I have learned a great deal about myself and the way I trade. I have developed trading strategies and methods to work inside TST to take advantage of this opportunity.

Can I improve? Yes!

Do you have 2 years to devote to improve yourself, if at the end of this time you have something that no man/woman can take away from you?

I am at that point in my trading career where I am extremely confident on how I approach the crude oil futures market. In this futures market, I have become a “master of my domain.”

Now, I am not a master trader by any stretch of the imagination, but I have learned an awful lot during this span of time.

The biggest question is what next …

Knowing what I know about being funded do I want to go for it one more time and get funded? Do I want to get the full $5,000 out of TopStep Trader at 100%? Do I want to have them take 20% thereafter? Will they work with me?

Let me say this … there is no hand holding by the funded department. You are on your own. You may feel that you accomplished something great, but they simply don’t care enough to let you know that. You may feel great after you get interviewed by Eddie after you pass the first combine, but don’t bank on them being your cheering section.

You are truly on your own here at TST. The sooner you realize this … the better you will be in trading here. I don’t listen to the ideas of any traders while I am trading. I don’t allow the noise to affect my trading session. I do my own thing. I march to the beat of a different drummer.

I am the black sheep of my family … always have been and always will be.

On my vision board, I have my definite chief aim spelled out to read every day. Have I revised this over the years? Certainly!

You are on stage with the greatest minds alive day trading. It is a journey few can obtain … after all … if everyone was successful then why is there a 90% failure rate? I don’t blame TST for their business model, but I do believe it can be improved.

I know they have improved upon it in the past to today. They have added some stuff, but they have also added some good stuff as well.

You don’t know how you will react …

Until you have real money on the line as a trader. It is all woulda/shoulda/coulda stuff otherwise. The only measuring stick in the end is what your trading account has in it. To measure yourself a success you have money in it …

But …

There is the learning experience of becoming a successful trader. This is the journey I have been on for 2 years of my life here at TopStep Trader. I have not given up my dream of being a successful day trader.

Am I closer? Yes!

Do I have more to go? Definitely … my trading journey is not completed.

The biggest question I have right now is simply, where do I spend the next 2 years of my life?


Good Trading,

David M. Knight

P.S. My CLPIT Strategy




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