TST 30K Combine

TST 30K Combine Day 6 August 29 2016

TST 30K Combine Day 6

Today made 3 days in a row of trading losses. I had 7 trades for minus 45 ticks during the trading day today.

The best trade was for a plus 1 during the trading session. I will be going back to my Monday Trading Rule once again. Also, reducing my trades per day back to between 3 to 5 max.

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Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts:

TST 30K Combine Day 6

The Monday Trading Rule … if the market is not trending when you start your trading session, then make the market go to a 1P profit target before beginning your trading session. It’s ok to take the opening CLPORT trade, but after that loss stand aside and make the market prove to you that it wants to be traded.

This small adjustment should allow for you to stay out of a non-trending trading session and protect your trading capital better. After all, part of your previous trading plan was not to even trade Monday’s in the past.

In addition, do not allow yourself to go over 30 ticks in trading losses in a trading day inside either the combine, ftp or the funded account. Do a better job of conserving your trading capital and trading for another day that will more times than not offer a better more effective trading setup that more times than not ends up in the winning column.

What I know about this trading combine is that some of the trading ideas I wanted to try out are not working out. I will be decreasing my trades per day average back down to my normal of between 3 to 5 once again. I tried out increasing up to 5 to 7 trades per day, this is not working and in fact I am seeing a decided disadvantage by taking on more trades per trading day.

Well that is about it for the trading day … so once again I had 7 trades for a total loss of minus 45 ticks on the trading day making this my third trading day in a row of trading losses. I will be taking on my favorite trading strategy called CLPIT Strategy on Wednesday to do my best to breakout of my trading hole or I will have to reset my TST 30K Combine. Either way, I am trading inside my trading plan.

So make the trading adjustments mentioned above and we will see if I can get a one trade win on Wednesday after the release of the Inventory numbers.


Good Trading,

David M. Knight

P.S. CLPIT Strategy


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