TST 30 Combine

TST 30K Combine Day 5 August 26 2016

TST 30K Combine Day 5

TST Day 5 Day Trading in the Books

I went down 44 ticks on 6 trades today. I missed several good trades during the week, but all is not lost. Learn from your trading errors and do your best not to repeat them.

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading YouTube Summary:
Futures Crude Oil Day Trading: Live Trading

*See 97 minute mark for trade called today at 4833

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts: Day 4 Trading Summary

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts: Not Moving to BREAKEVEN Costs

Here is where I was not fast enough to move to breakeven and it costs me a winning trading day.

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts: Long Entry 4715 (missed opportunity)

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts: Hits 6P Profit Target

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts: Short Entry Hits 3p Profit Target

This was the story of my trading week … a dollar short pretty much all week in my trading. This was the first full week back to day trading after taking a month off … so all is not lost.

Learn from your day trading mistakes, errors and misjudgments!

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts: Trading Spreadsheet

The Woulda/Shoulda/Coulda Trade Setups

  • Long 4715
  • Short 4833 (saw this one)

TST 30K Combine Day 5:

Obviously, I wish I had a couple of trades back and I would have seen the market a little better on the long side this week.

What still has me thinking is what does the accumulation of orders at 1:25PM CST over the last couple of trading day mean? We had over 11,500 of volume over two trading days in one minute of time.

Now let me say this, day trading crude oil is about experience and trading from this knowledge you have seen in the past play out that influences how you attack the market.

What I will hold to next week is allowing the market to determine a correct entry point. I missed the High Volume Bar that showed up on the buy side during trading today.

I missed the timing to move to breakeven on my short entry at 4714 that didn’t allow me to go long or to take the short later on.

All of this accumulated to what became the 2nd losing day trading in crude oil futures today. I am not beating myself up too bad. I did see the market correctly, but I was off on my timing.

The highest volume bar did play out today during the trading session. It is good to see some of the stuff you have learned continues to play out correctly in day trading.

So lick my wounds during my trading week. Enjoy my weekend and look forward to Monday where I can once again attack the market more successfully as a day trader.


Good Trading,

David M. Knight

P.S. Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward the next two steps!

P.S.S. I feel pretty good about next week stay tuned!


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