TST 30K Combine

TST 30K Combine Day 10 September 6 2016

TST 30K Combine Day 10

Damn … so close … but yet so far! I had a loss of 41 ticks on 5 trades today. I was a little more aggressive in my day trading today as I wanted to complete the combine at TopStepTrader (TST).

I was within one trade of winning the combine so I went for it. I took on my 5 trade rule to stop myself trading during the trading session. I thought about quitting at 3 trades today, but I also thought if I would have waited until the 9AM CST red report came out, then I would have had one more entry available.

So I went for it … and I could have managed my trades better overall today. But like I like to say … we are always right in hindsight. In fact, you are 100 percent right in hindsight! You will always see what you woulda/shoulda/coulda have done inside the trading day to make it a plus day.

It was not to be today … so I settle in above the $30K mark and look to get above the 31.5K mark another trading day or two or three days from now.

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TST 30K Combine Day 10

Some trading days you are just plain and simply wrong on your trading observations. It doesn’t mean the market won’t do what you thought it would do … and it doesn’t mean it won’t do what you thought it wasn’t going to do.

In other words, you are always correct in hindsight. You will find yourself in a predictment from time to time. The quicker you can realize that you are in this predictment, then the better off you will be in your day trading activities.

There is NO ONE that is right 100% of the time … NO ONE! Anyone that says they never lose is a LIAR! And you can take that to the bank.

The only way you cannot be a loser at trading is to be able to have unlimited funds and to be able to martingale your losses until you win it back.


There is NO ONE with UNLIMITED FUNDs in trading. This is how all the horror stories you hear about over the years come about. What it basically boils down to is a simple exercise in not allowing yourself to be wrong and move on as a trader.

Enough said …


Good Trading,

David M. Knight

P.S. CLPIT Strategy … do you have it?




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