TopStepTrader Versus Casino

TopStepTrader Versus Casino

TopStepTrader Versus Casino

So what are you odds at TopStepTrader Versus Casino? Have you ever given how much of an edge they have on you any thought? I have …

This is my video presentation that I have been holding back, but now seems like a good time to share with you. Hopefully, this will open your eyes about why perhaps you have failed multiple times at TST and the Combine scenario.


As some have called it … it’s a Hamster Wheel Experience at best!

What I can tell you is you will be very surprised, but don’t simply jump to the end of the video to find out the details. I put my statistics and math skills to work to show you why only one of the combines has the best edge … but even then it is not a game that many people win at the Casino.

Don’t believe me? Then how about another Authority Website: TradingSchools.Org about TopStep Trader

Honestly, I hope this was as eye opening to you as it was to me when I figured out the true odds to pass the Combine, FTP and into Funded. And more importantly, why even the funded traders continue around in a Hamster Wheel bouncing between Funded to the Combine to FTP to Funded over and over again.

Would YOU Be Better Off Opening Your Own Futures Account?

When you think about TopStepTrader versus Casino it is just the House … but the Market is the House … and now you have another House Edge TST … so I have talked about this previously on my blog post: TopStepTrader House Within House Story.

The synopsis of that blog post was how the deck is stacked against you in the first place.

TopStepTrader UPS and DOWNS

If you don’t know this, then let me tell you I have been in the Funded Account at TopStepTrader on four (4) occasions. I have been able to pull out $802 so far. The first funded account I failed. The second I had to go into redevelopment. The third I got paid some money and the fourth I have another $528 waiting on me.

I will be going back into Redevelopment in 2017, but this should not have been the case if they would not have sent me the wrong LOGIN instructions to trade: Say NOT TopStepTrader Blog Post.

This was a day I could have won Redevelopment with the Extreme movement of the crude oil market during the first week of December 2016.


I have written and made videos on how TOPSTEP Trader could be a better place on several different occasions. See the following blog posts for more information.

Perhaps, the biggest issue I had with them was during Brexit when I was funded in the Summer of 2016. They stopped us trading all together for over a week. I wasn’t funded during the Presidential Election, but they stopped all trading during then as well.

Go here to read how TopStepTrader Talks OUT of Both Sides of Mouth Blog Post to read more about my Brexit Funded Trading Experience.

In addition, I talk about being tied and not being able to trade Globex Hours here: TST Globex Handcuffing

But perhaps one of my most favorite videos on YouTube was one I did on TST Skeptic Funded Trader. This video outranks pretty much anything TopStepTrader has ever put out in its history. Why? Because people want to know the truth.

Have I sent them suggestions to make it better for traders? Sure …. check this out … but I have revised this today.

So … here is the bottom line … should you play their game at TopStepTrader?


Well, only you can answer this question, but going in with full knowledge of what you are up against will help you in your pursuit of the Elusive Funded Account at TST.

Is TopStepTrader Versus Casino a good or bad bet? Once again, armed with the facts I hope you place the edge in your favor more often in a game that is stacked against you at TopStep Trader.


Good Trading,

David M. Knight

P.S. Have You Seen My NEW Day Trading Case Study Yet?











P.S.S. Here was my original YouTube Video with all My TST Gear on (grin) …






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