TopStepTrader Listens To Funded Traders

TopStepTrader Listens To Funded Traders

TopStepTrader Listens To Funded Traders

Today, I was back in the funded account at TopStep Trader … why? This is where the good news and TopStepTrader Listens to Funded Traders is all about on this blog post and video content.

By the way, my first day back in funded I made a new funded trading account high. I was able to net 53 ticks on 2 trades … day trading my favorite strategy.

What is my favorite day trading strategy you ask? CLPIT Strategy, of course!

If you want to understand the impact of the new changes at TST, either watch the YouTube video directly below or scroll down below the charts to read my commentary as it relates to the new rules changes at TopStepTrader (TST).

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading YouTube Video Summary:



Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Wistia Video: CLPIT Strategy Plus 65 Ticks




Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts: TST Funded Trading Account Information

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts: Hits 3P Profit Target at 5166 Today!

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts: Volume Bar after Inventory Release

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Charts: Day Trading Spreadsheet

TopStepTrader Listens To Funded Traders

So what happened? Did the Grinch get a heart? HAHA …

Not exactly … but I am thankful that Top Step Trader finally listened to us as funded traders and made a very good change going forward.

What was the change? TST got rid of the zero line and is now allowing us to use the Max Total Drawdown and go past 10 trading days and not lose it.

Obviously, there are some things to be hammered out in the details portion of what all this means overall to the funded trader and FTP trader, but it simply really good news.

There were a lot of us that have been asking for a change and I am only one small part of the cog that expressed my opinion.

What this does in effect, it will allow us to use a more natural equity curve into the FTP and Funded and not have to worry about zero at the end of Day 9 and beyond. The max drawdown will effectively be the losing point on the trading account.

With that being said, I am certain that other rules will apply to other funded accounts. My trading example is coming from the $30,000 TST Combine, etc. at TST.

By the way, if you have read this far into my trading blog post, then the only TST Combine I recommend is the 30K go to my TST vs Casino post to see why.

In any case, I go over this in more detail on the video content of my day trading in the crude oil futures market today.


Good Trading,

David M. Knight

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