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TopStepTrader Funded Account Summary 4th

TopStepTrader Funded Account Summary 4th

I am going back into Redevelopment. It’s the best course of action for me. After pressing a little to hard today, I don’t feel comfortable enough against the zero line with only one true trading day left in the TST Funded Trading Account.

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading YouTube Summary Video:


Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Wistia Video: Volume Tick Study (VTS)


TopStepTrader Funded Account Summary 4th

Well, I did my best, but my best wasn’t good enough to get far enough above the zero line with only one trading day left to accomplish it. The best course of action is to go back into Redevelopment and work my way back to funded at TopStepTrader (TST).

Obviously, I am a little disappointed, but I am also elated as well.

I have shown consistency in my trading and I keep improving inside the TST environment. Yes, I am have to play by their rules.

And yes, I definitely believe I could make it given you would have 20 trading days; instead of, 10 trading days. But with everything being equal, then money is secondary to the advancement I am seeing in my approach to day trading.

I am a consistent winner … I just need more cushion to make it over the finish line.


Good Trading,

David M. Knight

P.S. I am working on my latest project I am calling the Post It Note Trading Project more details will be coming soon. Bottom line, it ties into the VTS thing I am working on so watch the video above for a glimpse of some of the things I am thinking about.



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