TopStepTrader FTP Funded Trader Preparation Day One

Tuesday: September 1st, 2015

Funded Trader Preparation (FTP) Day #1

Crude Oil Trading FTP

As I start September, we have forcefully come off the lows set just a few days ago. Can the Crude Oil Market reach $50 a barrel on this upswing?

I have no idea … only trade what my trading plan tells me to do.

Funded Trader Preparation Trades for Day 1:

CLPORT Method:

Trade #1 was to go Long at 4733 at 8:05AM CST. Trade Exit was at breakeven at 4733 at 8:20AM CST. No follow through and we could easily go back to the pivot point before decided which way the market truly wants to go this morning.

Here is an example of a very strong retracement possibility … better to be safe than sorry I always say!!

Price Action is currently showing lower prices … are we done going up for a while?

Crude Oil Market runs down to 1P Profit Target on Trading today located at 4665.

Can Crude Oil Price Action reach back down to 4501? (This is 7P from the open of 4810 today in crude oil trading.)

Crude Oil Price Action reaches down to 2P located at 4621. How low will it go today?

3P Profit Target Hit:

4P Profit Target Hit … very close to my profit target of 4501.

Crude Oil Market retraced back to 3P and here was my short trade exit on the trading day … I was within 32 ticks of 4501 … the market seemed to stop on a dime and move up and through my profit stop exit on the trade today.

Overall, Crude Oil Trading today I had 3 breakeven trades, and 1 trade for a big win to 3P on the trading day. Entry point for the 4th trade was 4701 and the exit point today in the trade was 4577.

Today’s big winner time of trade was filled at 9:18AM CST and trade exit was at 10:55AM CST.

What this means was on my first day of trading the FTP with TopStepTrader, I was able to earn 132 ticks of profit or $1,320 before commission costs.

Pretty good start if I say so myself!!


Good Trading and God Bless,

David M. Knight

P.S. CL Power Spreadsheet Today



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