TopStepTrader 30K Trading Combine

TopStepTrader 30K Trading Combine Day 9

Tuesday: November 10th, 2015

Day 9 TopStepTrader 30K Trading Combine: Crude Oil Trading.


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It took 9 trading days to make it … but I was able to reach the profit objective today in the crude oil market trading day. My first trade lost 11 ticks, and the 2nd trade was a 3P Winner … Winner … Chicken Dinner!

It made 65 ticks and I am over the Profit Objective on tht TopStepTrader 30K Trading Combine after 9 days of day trading. I will finish the TST combine tomorrow to make 10 days and submit this baby in for review.

CLPORT METHOD: Trade #1 Short 4367 at 8:05AM CST. Trade Exit 4378 at 8:13AM CST. The opening trade didn’t work out as we went to the stop loss.

Crude Oil Futures Day Trading Chart:

Crude Oil Futures Day Trading Chart: Trade Exit 4378 at 8:13AM CST. Minus 11 ticks.

Crude Oil Futures Day Trading Chart: Long Signal and a nice 123 trading signal shows up on the trading charts.

Trade #2: Long 4392 at 8:31AM CST

Crude Oil Futures Day Trading Chart: Trade Exit 4457 at 8:49AM CST.

Finally!!! Yes … YEs … YES!! It’s about time I made the profit objective. It was a little harder this time around as I was unable to catch a decent breakout in the 8 previous trading days. Today was different the market slingshot on up past the Pivot Point.

The Crude Oil Futures Market didn’t look back on the move up to the 3P profit objective. Remember yesterday that was as far as the move went before stopping … I used this knowledge to help set a profit target today.

Plus … I was looking to get above $31,600 on the TopStepTrader 30K Trading Combine … this was accomplished today as my trading account stands above this target.

Honestly, this was a tough combine to get through even though I am 100% on the trading days … I kept getting very small wins … but it was positive and I just kept plugging away.

Ok … so I am one step closer to go back into TST Funding again!!! Hopefully, I won’t have to do the FTP again this time around.


Good Trading and God Bless,

David M. Knight
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