TopStepTrader 30K Trading Combine

TopStepTrader 30K Trading Combine Day 8

Monday: November 9th, 2015

Day 8 TopStepTrader 30K Trading Combine: Crude Oil Trading today I had a total of 5 trades for a net of 25 ticks on the trading day. I am closing in on the target profit goal of $1,500. There are 2 more trading days to reach it. It is still a very doable goal. I just need a little help and a good trading setup.

TopStepTrader 30K Trading Combine: Day Trading Day 8 Video Content

CLPORT Method:

Crude Oil Futures Day Trading Charts: Original Short Entry Today Plus 1 tick.

Crude Oil Futures Day Trading CHarts: Fake Out

Crude Oil Futures Day Trading Charts: Fake Out #2

Crude Oil Futures Day Trading Charts:Fake Outs on the Charts in a Downtrending Market

Crude Oil Futures Day Trading Charts:Market finally showing some weakness and going down

Crude Oil Futures Day Trading Charts: Market reaching 1P and 2P on the traing day.

Crude Oil Futures Day Trading Charts: Reaches down to 3P and looking for a further move down to 5P to 6P and win the TopStepTrader 30K Trading Combine.

Crude Oil Futures Day Trading Charts: Trade Exit … market moves back and through S1 and takes me out of the short trade.

Crude Oil Futures Day Trading Charts: Gann 4th Time Through … a good chance to see another bottom and through, but didn’t happen during the trade.

Summary of the trading day … I went for 5 trades. I stopped the video after 3 trades, but the last 2 only made 3 ticks. It wasn’t worth showing. The Gann 4th Time Through is what I used to get in on the trade.

Overall, I made 25 ticks on 5 trades. I am roughly about 40 ticks short of the profit target of $1,500 right now. That means around $400 or so left to achieve the goal. I have 2 trading days to get there in this TopStepTrader 30K Trading Combine.

See screenshots or video for my trade explanations today. Have a great one. Oh, by the way … I have a pretty cool announcement coming this week. 🙂


Good Trading and God Bless,

David M. Knight

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