TopStepTrader 30K Trading Combine

TopStepTrader 30K Trading Combine Day 6

Thursday: November 5th, 2015

Day 6 TopStepTrader 30K Trading Combine: Crude Oil Futures Trading for the day I ended up with 7 trades and a 8 tick gain after going down 39 ticks. I had ONE trade I wish I had back today.

CLPORT Method: Trade #1 RBV Trend #1 Failure (VOLUME). Short Entry 4591 Stop Loss on Trade is 2/3R today that is 4605 on the trade. I am looking for a move down to 9P right now. This would place the trade roughly at 4444.

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Chart:

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Chart:

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Chart:

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Chart: Even though I was stopped out on my short … nothing has changed in my humble opinion … we haven’t had enough blood in the water yet to stop the downward pressure on the trading day. So I will stick to my guns and try again or lose this trade for the second time.

Trade #1 Exit 4606 (high of previous run up – sucks but it happens!) at 8:36AM CST.

Trade #2 Short Entry 4590 at and Trade Exit 4608 at 8:48AM CST.

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Chart: It took a long time to get positioned … but I am in good position. I am still looking for a run to 4444 on the trading day.

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Chart:

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Chart:

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Chart: New LOW of the Trading Day! Talk about MANIPULATION at work!

If I had the trading day over to do again today, then I would not have made my 3rd trade of the day … that was fighting against the tape and a bad entry!

TopStepTrader 30K Trading Combine Status Update

I am working hard. This is my 6th trading day of the TopStepTrader 30K Trading Combine. I still have today and 4 more trading days to get to $1,500 gain on the trading account to pass it.

I am doing my best to see if today will be the day that moves in my favor on the way down until we see a blowoff volume red volume bar, then I will tighten up my trade short.

Once again, my profit target still remains at 4444 on the day. I like that number … 4444 that would be very cool to get to today.

Looks like I will have 7 trades on the trading day right now … I will be up on the trading day at this point in time … I was able to get back the bigger loss on the trading day. Now, I am looking to get 2/3rds the way to the profit goal.

The market will as always show me the way.

Trade #7 Long 4610 at 11:30AM CST. The market may have put in a temporary bottom, but I have no real idea. I just know the setup look good at 4587 and again at 4611 to be Long. The market did not breakout on entry … I covered and called it a day. This was what I call wave pattern 4 going for 5 … but the wave didn’t take off so I covered and moved on and out of the trading day.

Futures Crude Oil Day Trading Chart:

I believe on my 7 trades today I had 6 short attempts and finally went LONG after watching for confirmation when we reached the 1P target on an entry point of 4587 on the trading session.

Squirrel Gets a NutSo what I am saying is I have taken my best shot I could find to reverse this trade from short to long … it is in the markets hands now whether I win or experience my first trading loss on the TopStepTrader 30K Trading Combine today. You can’t be perfect all the time … just looking to be a squirrel trying to get a nut.

As of today, I need to earn another 100 ticks or so to pass the combine. I have 4 trading days to do it. It is still extremely doable goal. I have been treading water looking for a good breakout.

Once again overall, 7 trades and a 8 ticks on the win … not a good or bad trading day. I simply wish I had one trade back the third one. It was a loss for 11 ticks today.


Good Trading and God Bless,

David M. Knight

P.S. TopStepTrader 30K Trading Combine Summary:



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