Top Step Trader

Hello Traders,

Top Step TraderI am looking into Top Step Trader. In addition, I am working on updating my profile over there currently.

Right now, I am in a two week trial and I have been working on trying to make CTS and the T4 trading platform work for me instead of Trade Navigator … which I absolutely love.

Reason I am working on the T4 Trading Platform is most of the funded traders at Top Step Trader use it so I want to do it with their software package.

Here is my trader profile that I am working on: TradeCraze


Good Trading,

David AKA Tiger

P.S. Here is a screenshot of the T4 Trading Platform: My Trading Screen

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David M. Knight

I am a 30 Year Futures and Commodities Trading Veteran. In addition, I enjoy games of skill and chance like: poker, craps, blackjack and roulette. During my professional career, I have developed and implemented successful trading strategies and methods; along with winning systems in games of skill and chance. Join with me on our mutual journey together.