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My TopStepTrader Funded Interview With Eddie Horn and John Hoagland On September 28th, 2015

David Knight is an experienced trader who brings knowledge into his trading room. The results for me have been larger profits and he has helped me to raise my trading to a higher level.

David carefully explains why he takes a trade or rejects what looks like a good trade. He also uses multiple filters to pick the best trades. The discussions from David and other experienced traders in the room will boost your learning experience of the market.

I highly recommend his room if you want more consistency with your trading and $$$ in your account.

William W.
William W.

I have been trading with David about a year and a half. David has since continued his growth as a trader and has added his own ideas and style.

He has become a very good teacher of these ideas.

He teaches you how to trade and what to look for when you want to trade. I have been in his room since he started it in January, and will continue in his room.

I like this trading style. It fits the way I like to trade.

Pat B.
Pat B.

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