The Importance of Proverbs …

Hello Traders and Friends,

Once a week or bi-weekly, I would like to share some wisdom from the book of Proverbs in the Bible.  Verse one of Proverbs tells us these words come from Solomon, son of David, king of Israel.  This is obviously something which is important to me to share, and from this point of view I have decided to share this wisdom to not only enrich your understanding, but mine as well.

Proverbs 1:2-7 NCV

  • They teach wisdom and self-control; they will help you understand wise words.
  • They will teach you how to be wise and self-controlled and will teach you to do what is honest and fair and right.
  • They make the uneducated wise and give knowledge and sense to the young.
  • Wise people can also listen and learn; even they can find good advice in these words.
  • Then anyone can understand wise words and stories, the words of the wise and their riddles.
  • Knowledge begins with respect for the LORD, but fools hate wisdom and discipline.

I think it is rather interesting and amazing you have here the wisest man of the world according to a Biblical standpoint instructing us on how to gather wisdom into our own lives.  It all starts with “respect” in verse 7.  This word is also translating out to “FEAR” in other translations.  Which word is a better use of approaching the LORD: respect or fear.

Respect or Fear … I think it should be a combination of both as we approach the LORD.  By the way, in the book of Proverbs the word LORD is capitalized, I will get into the why in a later post on Biblical Wisdom.  I like the way Jim Rohn, a former self-development guru, approached the Bible.  He would always say things like I am an amateur on the Bible.  This is the way I will approach Biblical Wisdom as well, as an amateur trying to apply what has been said.

What I understand as this translates to trading is for wisdom to work in anything, you have to approach it with RESPECT and FEAR to begin with.  You must add a dose of self-control, be honest, be fair, and do the right thing.  In addition, you should educate the uneducated, give knowledge and sense to the young.  We should listen and learn and good advice will materialize into our lives like an aha moment in your life.

An aha moment is when the lights go on inside your head and you get it … this is how I see it.  It goes on to say anyone can get wisdom and understand the wise words and stories of the wise and their riddles.  This is reassuring, but remember how you should approach obtaining trading wisdom with reverence, respect and fear.

I hope you enjoy the way I will apply Biblical Wisdom to become a better trader.  I will leave this passage with two words I want all of us to begin our study of the book of Wisdom and the successful obtaining of it … Be Humble.


Good Trading,

David ‘Tiger’ Knight

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