The Advantage of Using Weapons in Strategy

Hello Traders,

As I continue my research into trading I want to emphasize another passage from Miyamoto Musashi.

“Each weapon has its own ‘spirit.'”

“The weapon is a tool to be used efficiently and effectively, otherwise it will be of little value, even in the hands of a master.

With the long sword or with empty hands, the stance should be strong, the cuts, strikes, punches and kicks strong, and the spirit unyielding in the face of battle.

This will depend on the amount of heart you have put into your training and practice.

Weapons may have decorations on them to enhance the spirit of the warrior, but they should primarily be built for durability.”  – Miyamoto Musashi in the Book of 5 Rings.

After thinking deeply on this passage, it truly seems to take a life of its own.  If you replace the word weapon with the word trading, and read the passage it makes even more sense.

Replace strong stance with your entry point.  The cuts, strikes and punches is the simple battle of your entry point in the market.  You will either win, lose or get out at breakeven.

Spirit is truly the word that needs to be protected.  Your spirit in the face of battle and the overwhelming odds you face as a trader can be very intimidating if you allow your emotions to take control.

Here is where the HEART => and more importantly your training and practice will determine your fate more times than you think.

ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN!  You need to know your entry, your exit, your profit targets all before your entry point.  ALL SHOULD BE KNOWN and THOUGHT OUT AND NOTHING LEFT TO SIMPLE CHANCE!

Our advantage as traders is our EDGE … if you are not trading with your edge … then you will LOSE!  And in the case, of the Book of 5 Rings, this is a deadly battle fought for one purpose to win!

With the last word we come to DURABILITY … to be durable … to be able to face another trading day.  Some days you must retreat and wait for the right opportunity to attack.



Good Trading and God Bless,

David ‘Tiger’ Knight


About The Author

David M. Knight

I am a 30 Year Futures and Commodities Trading Veteran. In addition, I enjoy games of skill and chance like: poker, craps, blackjack and roulette. During my professional career, I have developed and implemented successful trading strategies and methods; along with winning systems in games of skill and chance. Join with me on our mutual journey together.