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Do WHAT You Know Dark Side Trader

Do WHAT You Know Dark Side Trader My long experiment is over … I am going back to being mainly a short side trader from today until further notice.   I am not a gunslinger … it’s time to stop pretending I can be something I am not capable of doing at this point in…

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CLPIT Strategy Plus Trader Talk

CLPIT Strategy Plus Trader Talk Today, I go into some trading talk plus some trading strategy development etc. etc. etc. By the way, if you want to simply skip to the CLPIT Strategy portion of this video go to 17:20 of this video.   Good Trading, David M. Knight TradeCraze P.S. CLPIT Strategy: Get It Here!…

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Day 7 Live Funded Trader at TopStepTrader

Thursday: January 28th, 2016 Crude Oil Futures Day Trading Right now we are seeing a big opening range opening this morning with a lot of volume being associated with the movement. At 8:10AM CST, I attempted my first trade entry from the Open Range Trade. It was a 13 tick loss on the first trade…

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Yes, I AM Buying Silver!

Hello Friends and Traders, I am buying silver … but I am buying and holding PHYSICAL SILVER. I like the American Silver Eagle. Continue to buy … buy buy buy on this prolonged downward turn. I am of the firm belief our currency will be replaced in OUR lifetime. There is a plan to make…

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Is Gold poised to go Higher into 2013?

Dear Trader Friends, Quote:  Zig Ziglar says, “Remember that failure is an event, not a destination.” Now let’s us talk a little bit about Gold for the rest of this post. “Do not overlook the fact that the 4th time the averages or an individual stock reaches the same level it is not as safe…

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