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Back to the Drawing Board

TST Trading Day 1 Back to the Drawing Board

TST Trading Day 1: Back to the Drawing Board Today, I was able to start my TST 30K Combine on a positive note. I had a net of 7 trades for a total of 49 ticks. Finally was able to catch a breakout trade inside a trending day getting myself turned in the right direction. It…

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Day Trading Hanging Out

Day Trading Hanging Out TopStep Trader Funded Account Check: This represents my winnings on the funded account at TopStepTrader. I decided to close the funded account and take my winnings home. I was able to trade to a high of $1,258 before experiencing 3 trading days in a row of losses. Here is the TST…

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Get Over Myself and Move On

What I know is I am still pissed off over the way I didn’t understand the LFT at TST. But … What I HAVE to get to is it is my fault! Until I get to this point I will continue to feel sorry for myself and how I viewed I was screwed in my…

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Day 8 Live Funded Trader at TopStepTrader

S0meone has said a picture is worth a 1000 words … What did this picture mean to me? This was a simple to understand trading setup. We had a pattern of lower highs forming and the Pivot Point sitting there just asking to come on back down to me. My original reward was 3 to…

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Day 7 Live Funded Trader at TopStepTrader

Thursday: January 28th, 2016 Crude Oil Futures Day Trading Right now we are seeing a big opening range opening this morning with a lot of volume being associated with the movement. At 8:10AM CST, I attempted my first trade entry from the Open Range Trade. It was a 13 tick loss on the first trade…

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