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FTP Day 8: Funded Trader Preparation Taking Losses is Part of the Trading Game

Friday: September 11th, 2015 Patriot Day FTP Day 8: Funded Trader Preparation Crude Oil Trading At the CL Open Outcry today, we are trading between PP and S1 for the Opening Range Trade. Today is also Patriot Day … remembering 911 in America. The attacks on the World Trade Centers, Pentagon and the plane crash…

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Sometimes the Stars, Moon, and Sun Align in Crude Oil Trading

Hello Traders, Patriot Day Today … September 11th … Let us never forget … Stay CCC!!! Trade #1: Short 9075 Only Right Now … NERFP on Long Entry right at S1 on the Long Side. The reason I didn’t trade the long side of the trade was because there was not enough room for profit…

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