CL Power Trading Method

TST FTP Day 1 Live Crude Oil Day Trading

TST FTP Day 1 Live Crude Oil Day Trading: Today marks my 2nd time back to FTP. Here was my live day trading on the day. I took on the CLPIT Strategy today for my trading opportunity.     Live Trading CLPIT Strategy Today On the trading day, my first day back to FTP (Funded…

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TopStepTrader 30K Trading Combine

TopStepTrader 30K Trading Combine Day 6

Thursday: November 5th, 2015 Day 6 TopStepTrader 30K Trading Combine: Crude Oil Futures Trading for the day I ended up with 7 trades and a 8 tick gain after going down 39 ticks. I had ONE trade I wish I had back today. CLPORT Method: Trade #1 RBV Trend #1 Failure (VOLUME). Short Entry 4591…

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