New Targets

Crude Oil Trading June 25th 2015

Just as I suspected in Crude Oil Trading … Volume has dried up now in the Summer months … historically this is the time I take off from trading. Basically Mid to Late June until Mid August. I have decided to keep trading selective days during this time period because I am in a TST…

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CL Power Trading Method

Crude Oil Trading for 7P Profit Target

Friday: May 29th, 2015 Crude Oil Trading CLPORT Method: Wins 22 Ticks Today May 2015 CLPORT Method Totals: CLPORT Method: 2015 Total (April and May) $2,450.00 Trade Continues … on past 2P and up to 3P … still in. 3P gives way to 4P and then 5P Profit Target at 5899 is also Hit! After…

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