The Strangest Secret

The Strangest Secret to Successful Day Trading

The Strangest Secret to Successful Day Trading

Crude Oil Futures Day Trading and The Strangest Secret from Earl Nightingale … what do they have in common?

Interesting observation … is is wrong to have a trading bias? I would say no … if you can stay out of market conditions that are not conducive for your day trading strategy.

But that is easier said that done …

Each of us has a bias … and figuring out what makes us tick as day traders is probably one of the most important things you will do as it relates to your day trading activity in the futures market.

To know you have a bias and stand aside is much easier said than done as a day trader and in day trading.

I know I am slowly coming to grips with what makes my successful at the end of the trading session and what makes me scratch my head and say … “what did I just do …”

We all experience failure in day trading. You can read every positive motivational book under the sun and still you will more than likely fail before you success as a day trader …

Why is that …


I put in so much time and effort … why am I still failing … it’s not you … the quicker you can see that trading is the one thing where the more effort you put in will not necessarily pay off in the futures account.

It’s much more about psychology and your mental makeup than trading entries and exits. Yes, it is important to have a stop on each trade and know your limits … your …



in other words … where you are wrong and the market is right.

The market is always right no matter what you think should happen or not …



Good Trading,

Dave Knight

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