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Some Day Trading Charts April 23rd 2018

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Some Day Trading Charts:

Bottom line on Monday


… there was a very nice down move to capture day trading today.

The market went up and up and up for the rest of the trading session, but the morning did show a very nice move down.

Then …


The crude oil futures market after placing a low at 6714 went up to 6890 on the trading day … that’s almost a 2 dollar move the other direction.

I didn’t see this coming … it has and continues to fool and baffle me … but I have to keep remembering that we are trading UP and NOT down on the longer term time frame.


Good Day Trading,

Dave Knight

P.S. If and buts … Woulda … Shoulda … Coulda … this is what makes you a better trader though … learning from your trading mistakes.



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