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Hello Traders,

Well, Monday has arrived and still no reasoning sent forth from my former futures trading firm.  What I have learned is they can terminate you for any reason at any time …

Ugly Red-Headed Step Child

Ugly Red-Headed Step Child

Well, at least I should be happy they sent my trading account by wire to me … time to move on for sure.

I have said before to several people that I felt like the ugly red-headed step child of my former futures brokerage ever since the fall out with my last ‘boss’.

Without going into details and rehashing crap that serves no purpose I must and will move on.  One thing I am certain of … I can trade correctly and my trading strategies/methods do work.

The discretionary part of the emotional side of trading is the one true component that will make or break you as a trader.  So in the end what you need to maintain complete control over in trading is your emotional discipline.  If you lose it, you will LOSE!

It has been said, control the things you can control, and give to God those you can not control – paraphrased interpretation of a philosophy on life.

Stonewall Jackson

Stonewall Jackson

I am reminded of a quotation from Thomas J. Jackson (Stonewall), “If I can keep my movements secret from my own people, I will have little difficulty in concealing them from the enemy.”  

It is amazing what we can learn from reading and studying from the past.  One of Jackson’s favorite works was the letters written by Lord Chesterfield to his son on proper living.

The old me … which wasn’t that long ago would have lashed out and went into attack mode … but the wisdom of fighting the fights you can win rings loud and clear to me.

There is a way to divide and conquer any enemy that stands before you, but this is only accomplished by allowing yourself the discipline to rise above the pettiness of others that stand in front of you.

How does one become wealthy?  This is a question I have asked myself from time to time … my answer when I was a younger lad was I want to be RICH.

As I become more mature and older my personal philosophy has changed from being a person that wants to be rich to be a better man that desires to be wealthy.

What does being wealthy mean to me?  It means maintaining discipline of 4 areas of your life:  Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Financial.

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins wrote a book called, AWAKEN THE GIANT WITHIN.

He asked a question in his book, “How am I going to live the next 10 years of my life?  How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I’m committed to?  What am I going to stand for from now on?

This is a very profound statement to ponder upon as an individual.  He used the example of the 1980 U.S. Hockey Team winning the Gold Medal.  Now, that was 32 years ago, but at the time of the book only 10 years.

1980 U.S. Hockey Team

1980 U.S. Hockey Team

So here we stand the master of our own lives … what we make or don’t make of it is truly in our hands.  We alone have the power to change … if we allow ourselves to rise above the pettiness that people seem to want to drag you into.

I choose not to be dragged into the pettiness of other people and how they want to shape me.  I am the master of my ownself and to my ownself I must be true.

No one has power over you … you choose and elect them to have this power.  If you choose to give this power to them … then to them you have given the control over your life.

Choose to be the master of your own destiny … you and you alone have the control over the most important component of living … your thoughts, the words you write, and the words you say.


Good Continued Trading,

David ‘Tiger’ Knight

P.S.  How to Create Lasting Change from Tony Robbins:

  • Raise Your Standards
  • Change Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Change Your Strategy




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