Rest In Peace Prince

Rest In Peace Prince

Yesterday, we received news that Prince (the musician) had passed away at home. It was kind of shocking to hear the news. He was only 57. I was not a huge fan of Prince, but I remember like it was yesterday when he played Purple Rain in the rain at the Superbowl. It was as if God said, “LET IT RAIN.” And it was Good!

I also remember Jack Black talking about his memories about Prince that day … the rain in Miami on the Superbowl … at that time the only time it had rained on a Superbowl.

Crude Oil Futures Day Trading Video TST 30K Combine Day 2 Recap:


During my day trading today, it took me several times to get in position, but I did finish the trading day positive in the TST 30K Combine on Day 2.

Crude Oil Futures Day Trading Chart: Failure at the 200 Bar SMA on the Daily Chart

This short trade was a failure at the Double Top and a Fake-Out Pattern showed itself on the chart to take a shot at the short. Plus, we had a lot of Blue Bar Volume (BBV) all over the place on this move. But the most important component was we were right on top of the 200 Bar SMA on the Daily Chart …

Crude Oil Futures Day Trading Chart: Short Signal at 4435

Crude Oil Futures Day Trading Chart: Long Trade Signal Today at 4390

This was a breakout of a trading range (congestion) area on the chart. The RBV was the trading signal before the BBV HVS SKY came on the chart. I was already long going into that bar, but moved to breakeven after seeing it on the chart.

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P.S.S. Rest In Peace Prince!

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