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Trading Business

Trading Business

Recently, I have asked myself a question … can you trade a strategy correctly to reach a certain profit objective on each trading day per contract traded.

Although, my trading strategy works that I have formulated, I need more profit per trading day say 50 ticks per contract.  Goal of each trading day to earn an income from my trading business.

So I went back to the drawing board to determine how I can approach the market (crude oil) and start thinking of the market in a different manner.

I am of the opinion, any trading method/strategy has to be approached in a manner with a view that allows you to see it as though you are looking from the outside in … and then start to move in to allow you to see the small picture.

With that being said, any trading strategy/method has to have a set of rules or trading disciplines you will follow.  On the trading video below I simply started trading at any time to see what I can do … this is a trading strategy in development so I have not officially set any profit objectives targets or stop losses at this point in time.



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