South Partk Poof It's Gone!

Poof It’s Gone!

Good Day Traders,

One of my all time favorite South Park Episodes has to be “Poof It’s Gone.” Here is a short excerpt of this episode. Even if you are not a fan of South Park, this is a clean episode shown so no worries about any offensive language.

Let me ask you a question after watching the South Park short clip …

How did that make you feel? Poof It’s Gone!

South Park: Poof It’s Gone!

I believe this is what it is like to trade without a plan of how you will attack the market. You are simply throwing your money to the wolves. But, many people do exactly this in trading. They open an account, start trading and a lot of times in less than 90 days …

Poof It’s Gone!

Does this sound familiar to you?

When I was a younger man, this is exactly how I felt when I was trading. I would tread water in trading, then in one day I would give up all my gains. The gains it took normally months to accumulate and then in one day I would self-destruct.

Then, to top it off I would get angry at myself and double up my loss the very next trading day. And, if this wasn’t enough I would really be angry and upset at all the pain I caused myself and do it again on the 3rd trading day blowing out the trading account.

Poof It’s Gone!

But there is a solution … and it’s starts by becoming a member of 1-2-3 Day Trade!

If I was a new trader today, then I would have welcomed the thought of someone reaching a hand out and helping me up to the next level in trading. This is exactly what I am offering you … to become a member today!


Good Trading,

David M. Knight

P.S. Here was my Live Funded Trader Interview at TopStepTrader with Eddie Horn and John Hoagland:





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