TopStepTrader 30K Trading Combine

One Step Closer to Day Trading FTP at TopStepTrader

One Step Closer to Day Trading FTP at TopStepTrader

Some Trading Charts I collected today … I am just trading one time for 1 tick loss to get past the combine now. I had two trading days left before today’s trading. By the way, get my free day trading strategy called CLPIT Strategy on the P.S. below … enjoy.

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Futures Day Trading Charts: 8 Trading Days In Need 2 More!

Futures Day Trading Charts: CLPIT Trade Today

Today’s CLPIT Strategy/Method trade was a failure of a blowoff volume bar. The correct trade was to be long at 4507. My original entry would have been to short the crude oil market after the release of the blue bar volume blowoff volume.

Now, pay attention to the amount of data that came in … in just 1 minute worth of time. It was a futures crude oil market ready to pop one way or the other after that high volume sky (skyscraper) bar come into the futures day trading charts.

Futures Day Trading Charts:

Here is the correct entry point shown below … but please bear in mind that YOU are always CORRECT in hindsight. This is not a trade I personaly took on today as I have already made my profit goal in the Top Step Trader 30K Combine and am simply trading to complete the combine at this point in time.

With that being said, the correct entry would have been to go long at 4507 and ride it out to see where it wanted to go. I would after getting out of the long trade … still be thinking the market would top out and we would move short on the day at some point after seeing the blue bar blowoff volume bar (over 5K).

What this means is over 5000 contracts exchanged hands in a matter of seconds right after the release of the crude oil inventory report at 9:30AM CST.

Futures Day Trading Charts:

The crude oil futures chart below shows the trading exit on the long entry point. This point was located at 4561 or a 2P move on the trading day. I am always willing to take a 2P trade against a risk point at any point in time. This was equalivalent to 53 ticks vs 15 ticks today or 3.5:1 Reward to Risk today.

Futures Day Trading Charts:

The most manipulated economic report that comes out every week and how you can profit from trading it!

Well this will do it for crude oil futures market observations today … but notice how often the above report misses the mark. The yellow line is the forecast versus the actual which is the blue line.

Do you think you could profit from this kind of information? Me too!

Once again, I am one step closer to day trading in the FTP again.

Good Trading,

David M. Knight

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