Monday: March 30th, 2015 Crude Oil Trading

Hello Traders and Friends,

Monday March 30th, 2015: Decision Time on Monday at 12:34PM CST.

I bracketed the market at what I believed is the decision point in the afternoon trading session.

Here was my bracket entry … I was filled on the short entry today.

After this the market did come back to take out my first contract, but the second one remained on as the market seemed to approach the daily low at 4765.

Will in continue to fall or go back up? I have no idea. My job is to simply trade what I see and take the entry and allow the market to dictate the exit.

One Contract Left and Market is breaking down … it went to the low of the day and past it. Target on trade is 4697 at this point in time on the short side.

Market rebounded after posting a new low. I am out with a small gain. The market went to 1P on trade at 4767 before moving up past my buy stop on the short entry.

Kind Regards and Good Trading,


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