CLPIT Strategy Bonus Video: Day Trading 10 Contracts

On this day trading video, I tackle how to trade 10 contracts on the CLPIT Strategy. By the way, this is my overall goal to achieve in my own futures account.

If you are already there, then awesome! But it doesn't matter if you are trading 1 or 10 contracts ... you can move up the ladder utilizing this very powerful day trading strategy. Obviously, I have nicknamed it CLPIT Strategy.

With that being said, if you like this day trading strategy, then the next logical step is to see my CLPORT Strategy. This is more of an everyday strategy that is traded when the Crude Oil Futures Market is open.

The power of the next trading strategy is once again you should be limiting yourself to only one trade per day on the CLPORT Strategy of your overall day trading plan.

Enjoy the CLPIT Strategy Bonus Video ... when you are ready to move on and progress I will be waiting for you. So go at your own pace and enjoy every step you make in your day trading learning!