March 20th, 2012: Crude Oil Trading 3 Trades Plus 9 Ticks Overall

Hello Traders,

Today, on my first entry I lost power to my computer and the backup kicked in.  My rules gets me out of a trade when this happens.  I lost 15 ticks on the opening trade.  The second trade I made 2 ticks.  The last and third trade earned 22 ticks netting 9 ticks in trading overall.  This means $90 less $18 in commission equaling $$72 on the trading day.

On the last trade, I thought I was in good position for a run to 5P on the trading day, but it took me out a little below the 1P mark of 107.80 at 107.77.  I liked that number … I suppose everyone else did as well as am I am typing this up right now it is at this point.  On hindsight, I could have perhaps trading better on the trading day.  I was behind the 8 ball with my opening trade and the power failure.

CONTROL - The Things you can Control which is very SMALL!

One thing I have learned as a trader is to CONTROL the things you can CONTROL and give to GOD the things you cannot CONTROL!  I can CONTROL my entry and my exit and if I will take the next trade or not.

Trading Day March 20th, 2012:  200 Ticks Chart


Good Trading,

David ‘Tiger’ Knight

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