March 2012 Trading Results

Hello Traders,

Overall, I am pleased with my trading in the month of March 2012.  Obviously, if I could have stopped myself from trading on the day I had a loss of $1,000, then it would have been a better month.  This is a month I could say … only if I would have … my one day of undisciplined trading cost me $1000 of net profit.

March 2012 Trading Results:  March 2012 PDF

As page 5 shows in the Performance Report:

      • Initial Capital $2,510.00
      • Gross Profit $4,556.00
      • Gross Loss  $2,522.00
      • Total Net Profit $2,034.00
      • Reward 81.04%
      • Drawdown $(1,120.00)
      • Risk (44.62%)   <== Need to Improve Here!
      • Winning Percentage 45.16%
      • Number of Trades 31
      • Number of Wins 14
      • Number of Losses 17
      • Avg Profit per Trade $65.61
      • Avg Win $325.43
      • Avg Loss $(148.35)
      • Max Win $1,304.00
      • Max Loss $(266.00)
      • Profit Factor 1.81
      • Payout Ratio 2.19
Additionally, see PDF page 6 for trading graph.

As I look over my trading, I can definitely see one day I could have improved my trading results.  On March 22nd, 2012, I had a trading day of 4 wins and 11 losses.  First of all, I had way too many trades.  This trading day was a poor excuse of an example of trading.  I lost my trading discipline and I paid for it in my trading account!

One of the things I have done to protect myself from me is to put a lockout on my trading account.  Right now this is set at $1,000.  If I lose over $1,000 in one trading day, then it locks me out of my trading account.  I would have to call my broker and have him release the lock to get back to trading.

I do not call my broker, EVER, to release this lock of my account!  I am not very proud, but very humble as a trader, and I still find myself doing stupid things even after trading for over 25 years.  As the saying goes, “do as I say, not as I do.”  I hope from my trading example, you will learn from my trading mistakes, and not commit them.

But if you do, as long as you remember the FIRST RULE OF TRADING as a trader, you should be okay.  Never risk all of your account on any one trading day!  It’s about survival as a small account trader.

Overall, I am not going to get down on myself for my trading.  I had a good month.  I see an area where I can control myself better and improve my trading performance.

I am optimistically positive about the month of April 2012 and I am looking forward to an overall better trading performance.

March 2012:  March 2012 Monthly Summary Report

On highlighted component to get to profit number:  $2020 – 89.90 – 94.86 – 1.26 – 50 (wire fee) = $1,984.00

Starting Trading Account Balance:  $2,510.00

Ending Trading Account Balance:  $3,244.00

Difference in Trading Account:  $734.00

STABS (2) at $625.00 plus $25.00 wire fee = $1,300.00

Total $2,034.00 – 50.00 (wire fee) = $1,984.00

Got it good!


Good Trading,

David ‘Tiger’ Knight


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