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March 12th, 2012: Ending Trading Statement Balance

Hello Traders,

Yesterday, I was fortunately able to reach my 1st milestone, and I proclaim the first of many.  With God’s guiding influence, this will be a reality.  Recently, I have been taking a self-development course that has truly inspired me.  In fact, I have never stopped reading positive motivational stuff outside of my continuing education in trading.

March 12th, 2012:  Trading Statement

As the trading account shows, I reached $3,952.00 from the starting trading account balance of $2,510.00.  This is a total gain (unrealized) of $1,442.00 in trading operations.  With that being said, I requested a wire in the amount of $625 (realized gain) as planned in my trading plan and the previous post that went in greater detail of my STAB Method.  (see previous post for more details)

After the wire out and the wire fee to my trading account, I should be starting again around $3,307.00.  Once again, the next STAB I am looking to achieve is in the amount of $4,687.50.  LORD willing and the CREEK don’t rise it will be smooth sailing on the way to this next milestone.

Good Trading,

David “Tiger” Knight

P.S.  YouTube Video Series on the HVS Trading Stategy in Development

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