Jesse Livermore Formula of Wealth and Prosperity Plus …

Jesse Livermore Formula

Did you know Jesse Livermore had a plan of wealth and prosperity?

From the information I have gleaned reading and reviewing Jesse Livermore’s personal works comes my interpretation of how to apply this formula in the form of a downloadable mind map!


Get it here: Jesse Livermore's 60 Second Formula!

By the way, I have been working on an intermediate course recently. In addition, you will see some of my live trading that I have recorded as well.

Now, if I can get on my 2 cent soapbox for just a minute ... then let me tell you how to tell someone that is trading vs someone who is not in vendor land.

The litmus test I use pretty much when I am reviewing an individual trading person or company is transparency. In other words, are they just showing the "good" stuff while not showing any of the "bad" stuff.

For instance, recently I was asked about another "crude oil trader" that is hawking his wares about the internet and claiming to be persecuted and also moved from the USA to another country ...

Does any of this sound fishy? Well, I sure would hope so ...

I find it interesting that this nameless "trader" allows us to see his "thousand" upon "thousand" dollar wins trading 5 contracts, but you don't see the "bad". And trust me on this ...

If he says he doesn't have bad trading days ... then ... he is not telling the truth.

Regardless, their are plently of wolves masquerading as sheep out here so if you ever want my honest opinion on someone just ask me.

Until next time ... ok ... I am off my soap box now.


Good Trading,

David M. Knight

P.S. Get it here: Jesse Livermore's 60 Second Formula!

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