If you want to blame someone for our current crisis …

You need not look any further than the function of the Federal Reserve Banking System and the Fractional Money Lending System that creates money in thin air over and over and over and over again … perhaps we should revisit one of my favorite South Park clips again:  Poof it’s gone!

For those who want a well thought out and printed argument go here:  http://www.devvy.com/notax.html

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben BernankeWe fought the Revolutionary War based on an unfair taxation system based in England.  Now over 200 years later, we are starting to see the evil that is brought on by printing money with no ceasing.  Our wealth is being transferred and will not stop until it is too late, or another revolution stops it.

President Andrew Jackson was the last to fight big banks … the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 has ushered in an era of what is best for the rich and not what is best for your neighbor or friend.

We live in debt riddled world that can only lead to one thing … the total destruction of the US Dollar and currency as we know it.  I am of the belief the overall goal of the Federal Reserve has been to institute a global currency and this is well under way.  The wealth transfer has started from the moment we could no longer pay the interest on the debt.

And what year was that?  1913!  The Federal Reserve Act starting date where the debt cannot be paid back ever!  IT is the biggest PONZI game running going on almost 100 years now.

This is a classic con/shell/ponzi game where there are too few dollars “real” chasing false “fake” dollars.  In the movie and book by Michael Maloney, we learn about what creates and destroys governments and realms.  Gold & Silver Movie

big-bad-banksNow once again we sink on the verge of price suicide at the grocery store … milk is now over $4 a gallon.  The cost of living has become harder and harder to maintain.  More and more people are losing their homes to the big bad way too powerful banks.

I believe we are going down and have already started down a path of no return … America the way we understand it will not be the same in less than 10 years from now.  We cannot go on this current path without paying consequences for it.  Either our debt is forgiven by the Federal Reserve, or the more likely scenario is the wealth congregates into the hands of the few while the many become decimated.

This is the reality we live in today … it is time to eliminate the Federal Reserve forgive all debt and press the DO OVER Button and get back on the Gold Standard.  WE COULD HAVE NO PERSONAL TAXES paid to the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT if we simply make them a non paid job done for service.

Not a FULL TIME JOB … this was not the intention of our founders to be a political run society.  We must find ways to help our fellow man by reaching our hands out and not by increasing the role of government and the Federal Reserve.


God Bless and Good Trading,

David ‘Tiger’ Knight

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David M. Knight

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