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Hear-No-Evil-See-No-Evil-Speak-No-EvilI was reading an article on Futures Mag today and I had to laugh … the economy is improving therefore gold is going down … what?  Article: Futures Magazine

Blind leading the blind is what I call this reasoning … how can anyone claim things are getting better when prices overall at the grocery store have not decreased.

AH GUNS VS BUTTER 101 Econ class!

What a bunch of horseshit!!

Has the price of eggs, milk, and butter decreased or increased relative to the dollar buying power over the last few years of time?  With all the endless printing of money making it more and more like a casino at the bank … how much trust and confidence can we really put behind our FIAT Currency System?

It is all smoke and mirrors … and pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!!

So Futures Mag … are we better off now or 10 years ago as a Nation and World?

WHO TRULY EDITS the pages of the reports sent out … I would call this a bump in the road that led to a little fall of euphoria into year end … after all it is called the Santa Clause rally … the truth will set you free … GOD said that!

The correction continues

Gold has recently dropped below its 200-day moving average, which was about $1,669. According to some analysts, the price may drop further to $1,535. Commodity guru Jim Rogers is not surprised about the gold correction, which has continued for about 15 to 16 months. He expects more corrections to come. In the short run, corrections are likely due to year-end tax-related selling, fund liquidations, a short-term rebound in European confidence and the impasse in the U.S. fiscal cliff negotiations. A low inflation and a weak growth scenario will not be favorable to gold.

Ok on one side of the world we have Jim Rogers saying one thing … on the other side of the world you have George Soros saying another … didn’t the two of these guys work together at one point in time?  What you have to ask yourself is the tough question why is Jim Rogers and George Soros talking?

This goes back to classic MANIPULATION of the markets by an “authority figure”.  If you read between the lines why would Jim Rogers want Gold to go down?  I would imagine he is “short” and is looking to buy at some point … maybe he is buying now with all the weak holders letting go below the 200 day MA that was breached this week.

It is a good opportunity to WATCH WHAT THE BIG PLAYERS ARE doing?  Do we have enough BLOOD in the water or do we need more bloodshed before GOLD, and precious metals advance?  Follow the money trail it will never steer you wrong!  Rogers is looking for lower prices where he can buy don’t be fooled!


Seriously get some caffeine and wake up Futures Mag!


David ‘Tiger’ Knight



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